Students learn about the importance of tending to the future of the planet. Round Square schools and their students are expected to demonstrate an active interest and concern for all natural environments, to be aware of proven problems and to play a practical role in tackling environmental issues.

Students are taught the fine balance and the interdependence needed to maintain a healthy relationship between human beings and the planet. Special programmes, work projects and curricula all emphasize each young person's destiny to be a guardian of human society and the global environment.




A Spirit of Environmentalism

A spirit of environmentalism centres on the significance of understanding mankind’s place in the universe, the forces that shape our surroundings and the impact we have on those surroundings. A systems-based appreciation of the interdependence between human beings and the planet highlights the fine balance needed to make that relationship a healthy one.

In addition, mindfulness in connecting with the surrounding world underpins a peace and ease with natural cycles. This creates a connected appreciation for the beauty, complexity and fragility of the environment which often inspires creative expression - landscape painting, photography, poetry, creative writing.

A person living out a spirit of Environmentalism takes practical action in tackling issues of sustainability. They question and challenge any practices that impact negatively on the environment. They seek solutions and make suggestions as to how practices can be improved, and consideration of the environmental impact of every-day activity is second-nature.

An active interest in, and concern for, all environments develops awareness and understanding known issues. This leads to a recognition of the importance of tending to the future of the planet, protecting and preserving threatened habitats and creating sustainable communities. Ultimately, through discovering a spirit of environmentalism, each young person accepts and prepares for their destiny to be a future guardian of human society and the global environment.