The most powerful force in advocating and promoting international understanding is exposure to different cultures. Students from all nationalities are welcomed into each Round Square school.

Students are taught to appreciate, value and respect all cultures, religions and languages. They learn to see themselves as global citizens and are asked to look beyond gender, class, race, nationality and culture to understand human nature. Round Square Schools organize term-length exchanges among students, GAP students (who are pre-university, post-secondary) and faculty. Annually, delegations of students and staff gather at a member school to attend an international conference and learn about, and tackle, some of the most challenging world issues through presentation, discussion and debate.




A Spirit of Internationalism

A spirit of internationalism is found in those who seek to discover and embrace the similarities and differences between cultures and nationalities in ways that promote meaningful and lasting understanding, tolerance and respect. It encompasses an appreciation for the increasing inter-connectedness of the world, our greater dependence on the global economy and interdependence as nations as a result of massively increased commerce and cultural exchange.

The growth of digital communication across geographical borders and the sharing of each other's cultures through travel and trade is understood. There is an appreciation that national differences are lessening and a blending of cultures, traditions and cultural exchange is on the increase.

A person living out a spirit of internationalism respects the need to preserve and celebrate national identity, cultures, traditions and heritage. Opportunities are sought to connect with those from different countries and cultures, exchanging points of view and ideas across borders and developing international and intercultural understanding. These inform an appreciation of how others might view or think about a shared event such as a trade agreement, a partnership or a cultural exchange.

A spirit of internationalism also includes an understanding of the tension between increased wealth creation in developing countries and a continuing gap between the world’s poorest countries and the world's richest.