The Round Square International Conference 2022 – Take Less: Be More

This year’s theme for the Round Square International Conference is Take Less : Be More. 800+ students and their teachers from across the world come together in the UK, in September, for the RSIC2022. Our student hosts will be asking the conference to join them in reflecting on, and addressing, the conference theme, by carefully considering what we take from our environment and from the people around us, and making a pledge that in future we will always put back more than we take.

Round Square International Service Projects in the Field

Round Square International Service (RSIS) Projects., bring up to 50 students from Round Square schools across the globe together to work in support of a community in need somewhere in the world. Their project might be a “Big Build” to construct or renovate a community building or a school, or it might be an environmental project such as tree-planting or working on an animal conservation programme. In recent years RSIS teams have also built bridges and clean water systems, working with rural communities in locations such as Morocco, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Borneo.