Jack Harrison: Corporate Planning and Reporting Officer, Red Cross

Posted: 29 April 2021

Jack Harrison, is an Inter-Community School alumnus and recent Oxford University History Graduate and believes that his experiences at school shaped his character and gave him an insight into how invigorating and challenging supporting a cause could be. Jack was a regular speaker in secondary assemblies as he worked to raise awareness and sponsorship to support men’s mental and physical health.

After completing his university studies, Jack worked as a graduate trainee for Charity Works in London. As part of his training he spent time working for Mind.org, which is a UK based charity dedicated to ensuring that those facing mental health problems are not alone. After his year placement, Jack began his current role as Corporate Planning and Reporting Officer at the Red Cross. Jack believes that many of his choices beyond school (university college, dissertation, and subsequent field of work) were strongly influenced by his experiential learning at ICS.

One of those service projects for Jack was the ICS Movember Challenge and as a result of his work, each year, students at ICS encourage community members to shave their faces and/or heads to raise sponsorship to support men’s health.

Engaging with a cause and developing strong relationships through teamwork is a theme that has continued for Jack.

At university he was attracted to others who shared the same passions and social consciousness. During his summer holidays he continued to look for ways to make a difference. He volunteered with Home Start, a UK based charity that supports families with young children through challenging times. Jack believes that understanding your own identity and impact is more important now than ever.

And Jack’s advice to other students is

“bring your whole self to the work that you do, and to the work you do with others… Be authentic in all the work that you do and how you bring yourself to work with others. Even in the more basic things…. Having that sensitivity when you are working with others, expressing your uncertainties and showing when you are not purely comfortable. That is really key to creating the relationships that are the foundation of everything you do. … It’s how you relate with people”.

This has been a strong theme for him over the last couple of years and a willingness to be honest and authentic has enabled him to develop fun, engaging and productive relationships with his teams.

Jack believes that exciting, challenging, and productive work comes when teams have the confidence to share uncertainty, make suggestions, and, to use Jack’s words, just, “Give it a go!”

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