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The Round Square IDEALS have stood the test of time over decades, proving to be a solid foundation for schools wishing to organise and develop a robust and holistic approach to character education.

In recent years, our schools have collaborated to distil, from practical experience of teaching and learning with the six IDEALS, twelve route-markers that students can be expected to discover on their Round Square learning journey.

Dubbed the Round Square Discoveries, they capture and describe the attitudes, attributes, skills and values developed and explored by students as they engage with the Round Square IDEALS. Now an integral part of the Round Square Discovery Framework, our twelve Discoveries are being integrated by schools into lesson planning, used to create curricula for extra-curricular activities, and are forming the structure for a wide variety of reflection and non-formal assessment activities.

Use of the Round Square Discoveries is optional for Candidate and Member Schools, who are invited to experiment and innovate with this open-resource.  The result is a shared and constantly evolving library of good practice, new approaches, lesson plans, and case studies that all schools in the Round Square community can access.