Round Square schools encourage their students to develop a Spirit of Democracy: a sense of equality, fairness, justice and a desire to do what is right for the greater good.

Round Square schools promote freedom of thought and speech, and appropriate forums and channels of communication are set in place to encourage student voice and debate. We bring democratic principles into the classroom, engaging students as active participants in lessons, activities and discussion that explore and demonstrate both the values of democracy and the importance of participating in democratic processes.

In defining and promoting a Spirit of Democracy Round Square schools capture and disseminate attitudes, understandings and competencies for positive community engagement, and active, involved local and global citizenship.

A spirit of democracy embraces a sense of equality, fairness, justice and a desire to do what is right (for the greater good). Freedom of thought and speech are valued and appropriate forums and channels of communication are discovered and explored.

An understanding of the importance of active democratic participation and the power of collective decision-making is supported by a strong sense of self-discipline and personal responsibility. Respect for diversity, cultural difference and heritage lead to an outspoken passion for equality, tolerance and inclusion.

Knowledge of civil rights and the ability to understand how society works, on a small scale (such as a school, family or a sports club) and on a larger scale — in one’s neighbourhood, city, nation and internationally, enables participation and action, and builds capacity to make a difference.

A person living out a spirit of democracy seeks to be well informed about her or his world and has an outward-looking disposition, engaging with the issues of the day, valuing the opportunity to be involved in making his or her society a better place, and expressing a sense of public duty. Understanding the needs of others and feeling empathy for them becomes a catalyst for action and prompts engagement in social service activity. A spirit of democracy also encompasses the development and application of appropriate social skills to interact respectfully with others in order to contribute as a positive and active member of the community.