Globally Accessible Conferences

About Globally Accessible Conferences

Globally Accessible Conferences are an opportunity for students aged 11 to 15 to experience an International conference platform. Within the network we offer the opportunity for all regions to become a host school. Discussions between the region and the region and RS Worldwide Management Team take place to find suitable hosts. Once schools have been selected we are able to match up the age groups and time of year that is suitable to host these conferences.

Globally Accessible Conferences are held over 6 to 7 days and are generally held in January and April, with the opportunity to host two different age ranges. Typically the 11 to 13 year olds will be hosted in January and the 14 to 15 year olds in April.

Round Square Member Schools that would like to consider hosting will be part of this dialogue and will then make a formal commitment to RS worldwide to host.


Benefits of hosting a Globally Accessible Conferences

Just some of the benefits to a school of hosting a Globally Accessible Conference include:

  • a brilliant way to engage a younger delegation on a smaller scale than hosting the RSIC;
  • the opportunity to bring your whole school community into contact with students, heads,  faculty and governors from like-minded schools in more than 40 countries;
  • the chance to offer an exciting, inspirational and life-changing educational experience to your whole school community;
  • a fabulous leadership development opportunity for the students involved in organising the conference;
  • a vehicle for immersing the whole school faculty in a Round Square experience and thereby further embedding Round Square in your school;
  • a raised profile for the school both within the local community and beyond, including opportunities to pursue media coverage;
  • a reason to connect with alumni to re-engage them as potential conference speakers or in other roles;
  • the opportunity to showcase your school within the Round Square community, and share good practice by allowing other RS schools to understand how the Round Square ethos and values embed within your own school;
  • a purpose in reaching out to local figures, government ministers, and other potential speakers and connecting them with your school; and
  • lifelong links and personal connections throughout the Round Square community including greater access to exchange opportunities with increased confidence from  other schools that have now visited your school. 


I want to host a Globally Accessible Conference

If you feel that your school would make the ideal host for the next Globally Accessible Conference then please take the time to explore this section of the intranet. Here you will find out more how to make an enquiry, how to apply to become a host school, the initial planning process and some early requirements. You will find various guides here to support you throughout the whole process.

If after reading this you feel you do not meet criteria why not take a look at other conference and event types that your school could host that are more suitable.


Where are the next Globally Accessible Conferences?

April 2019 - Rockport School, 

January 2020 - Accepting Applications

April 2020 - Brookhouse School

2021 - Accepting Applications


At the conference I attended, we visited many people and listened to their stories. Some made me realise you can do anything no matter from what background you come from. I think it is very important to have this inclusive outlook as it opens your eyes to the real world. You can honestly do anything in your life, its your choice.

Lucy Jones, Student, Scotch Oakburn College