As host of a Globally Accessible Conferences there are many elements that need to be planned and organised as part of the conference structure. With this in mind the following section will offer you an overview of all the key elements that need to be planned and incorporated into your conference.

Planning is the foundation to any good conference and by breaking the work into manageable chunks you will find that it is easier to do and provides you with a chance to delegate and share the responsibilities:

  • Set SMARTER goals - (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timely, Ethical and Reasonable);
  • Consider the timeline and deadlines when you would like tasks completed by;
  • Make sure everyone involved knows what the priories are for the full event i.e. the message you are trying to deliver; and
  • Attend as many Round Square conferences and events during your planning stage to help identify the common problems and successes with Conferences - pre-empt the sticking points that you might come across