International Service Projects

Round Square International Service projects bring students and adults from Round Square schools across the globe together to work in support of a community in need somewhere in the world.

In an average year Round Square hosts up to four service projects each involving around 50 students from Round Square Schools. The projects take place in July and December and run (on average) for two weeks, engaging students in a process of action and reflection that develops their understanding of the needs of a partner community and involves them in a practical project to addresses those needs.

Working closely with the community, and often living amongst them for the duration of the project, RSIS participants usually find themselves constructing a vital piece of infrastructure. In the past this has included building classrooms, accommodation for teachers, bridges and clean water systems with rural communities in locations such as Morocco, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Boreno.

Participation in a Round Square International Service Project is a great way for young adults to develop a sense of global citizenship and an understanding of the power of respectful community engagement. They develop a deeper understanding of big world issues translate into local need and experience in microcosm what can be achieved when an international team co-operates to address that need.

Alongside the hard work, project participants engage in challenging adventure activities, live life differently for a time, learning more about themselves and the culture in which they are immersed, and develop communication and leadership skills along the way. They disconnect from the wider world and reconnect with a multicultural team of newfound friends from across the world.

Currently, due to travel still being limited in some parts of the world, Round Square has launched a Virtual RS International Service Project where students are invited to bee a part of bringing about positive change in the world through supporting Lesego Serolong, former pupil of RS school Tiger Kloof, and her campaign to raise funds for One Million Beehives throughout Africa.