ReScript the Future with your vision for a better world

Are you ready for a challenge? Ready to imagine a better tomorrow by developing a concept for an inspiring documentary about our world?

Are you willing to be creative, discover a story you’re excited to tell, do some research, and come up with an imaginative way of sharing your passion and presenting your ideas?

Are you able to change the narrative to go beyond a sole focus on the peril our world is in, to also tell those stories of celebration, hope, possible solutions and positive action?

There are many ways to talk about the need for change: From the stories of our grandparents to a brilliant new idea to eliminate plastic packaging; from the inspiring friend whose quiet revolution changed the habits of a community to a passion for the natural world inspired during the isolation of lockdown. These are the stories that have potential to engage, touch and motivate humanity to change course if they are told in the right way. Impactful environmental stories of hope can be found everywhere if we are curious enough to look and brave enough to imagine.

We have put this challenge together with WaterBear, an interactive streaming platform dedicated to the future of our planet. At each station we have connected one or more of WaterBear’s films with a short tasks and reflective questions to guide you into blue-sky thinking about the vision you would like to capture and share for a better tomorrow. There are six reflection stations on the journey to the ultimate challenge. You might visit just one station before you take on the challenge, or visit more than one, or go straight to the ultimate challenge itself – ask your teacher for guidance on this.

For the 13 – 18 year old Round Square students who entered The ultimate Challenge script writing competition –  a partnership between WaterBear and the Aegean Film Festival – We wish you the best of luck!

If you are aged 11 – 13 – Whilst you are below the age range to enter the ReScript Competition in May, you are invited, instead, to submit TWO pieces of work from the six stations below to Round Square for the “Round Square with WaterBear Challenge” awards that will be judged by a panel from WaterBear in September 2021. The deadline for submissions for these awards is Friday 10th September. You can enter individually or in small teams of up to six students. Entrants must be aged between 11 and 13 on the closing date. A link to enter can be found HERE.

Adventure beyond your comfort zone to ReScript the Future

Station 1 sets the scene for this Challenge by inviting you to show us a different perspective on the world by summarising the story you want to share as an inspirational vision for a better tomorrow. Can you capture your Spirit of Adventure, and share it in just a few words, by writing a short synopsis of the journey of discovery you hope to inspire with your film idea?

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Build International Understanding through Personal Stories

Station 2 considers how we can build international understanding through sharing our personal stories, experiences, ideas, beliefs, contexts and cultures and creating a window into one another's world. Can you create a storyboard for a film that tells a Personal Story in the spirit of International Understanding?.

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Celebrate your environmental role models as Leadership Heroes

Station 3 asks you to think about your heroes and role models - who is it that inspires you, and who, for you, embodies a true spirit of Leadership in caring for the future of our planet? What questions would you want to ask them to help you share their story?

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Promote active, engaged Democracy with your vision for the future

Station 4 challenges you to consider how you might use this platform to inspire viewers to share your vision and care about, and take action on, an issue or a cause you believe in. Can you sum up, in a 60 second trailer or concept pitch, the highlights of your film idea?

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Be of Service to others and the environment with Solutions and Ideas

Station 5 recognises that tackling the world’s biggest problems doesn’t always start with the biggest solutions, and even the smallest ideas and innovations can evolve over time to have the greatest impact. Can you create a story arc for a documentary about the problem-solving potential of a single solution or idea.

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Champion Environmental Stewardship of our Natural History

Station 6 invites you to take the first step in caring for the natural world and the creatures that share our environment by taking responsibility for being informed, and deepening your understanding of the issues and arguments that surround the causes you care about. What can you find out about the science and facts behind your film idea to give depth and substance to your story?

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