Station 1 : Embark on an adventure to ReScript the Future

When you hear the word “adventure” what immediately springs to mind? An expedition into the great unknown? A test of your courage and tenacity? A exercise in endurance and character-building? An opportunity, in the words of Kurt Hahn, to discover “There is more in us than we know”?

The truth is, adventure is all of these things. And when you bring that same passion for expeditionary, physical, challenge to a creative journey, or project, and stretch your imagination beyond your comfort zone, you infuse that project with a Spirit of Adventure.

In Round Square a Spirit of Adventure is characterised by those who push themselves beyond their perceived limits, cross boundaries and discover that they are capable of more than they thought. If you are prepared to take risks, persist against the odds, or in the face of potential failure, and challenge yourself to see the world differently, you are living a life infused with a Spirit of Adventure.

But can you capture that spirit and share it with others? Can you sum up your passion for discovery in just a few words? For this station task we are going to ask you to do just that – to capture your idea for a documentary film in a single line, and write a short synopsis of what your film will be about… but first…

Watch and learn:

Watch the film below, considering the following questions (and make notes). At the end we will ask you to use the notes you make to help you in writing a synopsis of the film including a Logline (a one line description of what the film is about) and a longer summary of up to 300 words:

Click the image below to watch the film, ‘Africa’s Hidden Seaforest’ and be ready to enter the password ‘WaterBearOriginals2021’.

Learn by doing

Using the notes you took whilst watching the film, have a go at writing a synopsis of that film. A synopsis typically is no longer than one page and contains the film’s title, a logline –which is a one-sentence summary — and a three to five-paragraph rundown of the characters and plot of the film.

You might want to download the Synopsis Worksheet and use it as a template for this activity

Watch some more

If you have access to the WaterBear web site in your part of the world, take a look at some of these films as a source of inspiration for a synopsis of your own:

If you cannot access the WaterBear website, there are a selection of WaterBear film trailers on their YouTube channel HERE.

Now have a go at writing your own synopsis

The Logline

The logline can be challenging to write but when done well, it alone may entice filmmaking professionals to want to read your full script. The logline should be only one or two sentences long and offer a brief description of your film idea; for example, “Ghosts of the Arctic follows the journey of Polar Photographer Joshua Holko through the frozen expanse of Svalbard.”

A Brief Summary

After the logline, include a summary of your film in three to five paragraphs (aim for around 300 words). Stick to just the main plot of the film as you won’t have room to include subplots. The first paragraph covers Act 1 of your story by detailing the film’s opening image, offering an introduction of the main theme or focus of the film, the person, place or creature that will feature, and describing the catalyst or challenge that your film will explore.

In Act II (paragraph two, or the middle paragraphs), share the first main turning point for the character; the conflicts and positives that come about for the character in their new world, or as they make a discovery, or they determine to make a difference. In the last paragraph, focus on the climax, resolution and final image that happens in Act III. Include the ending to show that you can tell a complete and fascinating story.

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