Station 3 : Celebrate Heroes of

environmental Leadership

When we shine a spotlight on the people that inspire us we highlight and celebrate our Leadership role models. They may not think of themselves as leaders –  they could be your friend, a family member, a neighbour, a local campaigner or activist, or they might be someone that is famous locally, nationally or internationally. Our heroes are the people that drive us to imagine a better future, but they don’t have to be famous or have done something ground-breaking to have a huge impact on our lives, or influence the way in which we think about ourselves, our planet, and capacity to bring about positive change.

In Round Square we consider the true heroes of Leadership to be those individuals that serve the people they lead and empower them to make a difference in the world. Their role as leaders does not come from a title, but instead from the choice that others make to follow their lead. Your Heroes might be people you speak to, or follow on social media, whose ideas and opinions you value; they might be people that you volunteer with, or work together on projects and activities with, whose actions inspire you to dig deep and become the best possible version of yourself.

Who is it that inspires you to take action or speak out on issues of sustainability and environmental concern? Who do you choose to follow? Who is your role model? Who inspires you to imagine a better future?

Watch and Learn:

Watch the film below and think about who is being interviewed and how their story unfolds. Do you find the family’s story inspiring? Why? Would you tell it in the same way?. Think about the questions that you might have asked of the family members to help you to capture and share their story as it was presented in the film. Think also about what other things you might like to know – other questions you would like to ask of them if you were to interview them yourself. Make some notes.

Click the image below to watch the film ‘An Eye For Detail’ and be ready to enter the password ‘WaterBearOriginals2021’.

Watch some more

If you have access to the WaterBear web site in your part of the world, you might want to take a look at some of these films as a source of inspiration for your ideas on how you might tell the story of a person whose example encourages you to imagine a better future.

If you cannot access the WaterBear website, there are a selection of WaterBear film trailers on their YouTube channel HERE.

Now write some interview questions of your own

Think about the people that inspire you, and what they do or say that makes their story compelling. What impact do they have on your life and the lives of other people that know them? What impact might their story have on a wider audience? What action might it inspire? Why do you consider them to be a Hero with a story that should be shared?

With your Hero(es) in mind, think of four questions you might ask of them if you had the chance to tell their story. You might want to use this Interview Worksheet to capture your ideas

Focus on making your questions:

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