Challenging students aged 13-24 to ReScript the Future:

As the Ultimate Challenge, WaterBear, in partnership with the Aegean Film Festival, invites young people aged 13-24 to Rescript the Future, by imagining an idea for an inspiring documentary about our world, and entering a scriptwriting competition.

Two winners will be able to turn their vision into a reality with the help of Waterbear’s production team who will produce their documentary, with a budget of up to €25,000. The winning documentary will be premiered at the Aegean Film Festival and distributed to a global audience on Waterbear.

The deadline to enter the competition is 20th June, so you don’t have much time! You can find all the details of the competition and how to apply at

To prepare your entry for the competition, consider the nine prompts below (you can download a worksheet to compile ReScript Competition Practice Entry Form)

(1) Your Working Title

Don’t worry… Just give it a name. It doesn’t have to be final. Most documentaries start with a “working title” and then the title is finalised when the film is almost ready.

(2) Log Line: 0-50 words

Provide a brief summary of the documentary, in two sentences. This should just capture the essence of the film. (Even for seasoned filmmakers this is a tricky part and they usually leave it until the end when they have a better understanding of their story.)

(3) Themes (optional)

Choose all that apply:

(4) Synopsis: 150-500 words

Give an overview of your story, introducing the main characters, the location, the main problem or solution you are addressing. You can also describe the anticipated story structure and narrative. Detail the topics and themes that your project will cover. (At least 150 words)

(5) Imagine it / Director’s vision: 150-500 words

Please explain how you have imagined your film. What are the visual and audio elements that will bring your film to life? Describe your film through images, pictures, sounds. Explain your intended artistic approach that informs the storytelling. (At least 150 words)

(6) Personal connection to the story: 150-200 words

Why do you want to create this documentary? Are you or your family connected to the story in some way? Is this a story based on a personal experience of yours? Do you have access to the main characters, and how do you think you could approach them if you don’t?

(7) Environmental Impact: 150-200 words

How do you think your documentary will affect the world? What kind of change do you believe it could achieve?

(8) Production sustainability: 150-200 words

How are you planning to reduce the carbon footprint of the filming? Any ideas on how we can produce in a more sustainable way? From less flights to catering, all ideas are welcome.

(9) Research: 150- 200 words

Please describe and add links to your scientific research. Add relevant current events, articles or news. (For password protected URL’s like Vimeo links, please ensure passwords are provided and active. Please do not provide any personal details and/or passwords.)

Judging Process

  1. After you press submit at least three independent judges from Waterbear’s reading team will carefully evaluate each idea and rate it based on the criteria below.
  2. The 50 highest rated scripts will be read again by the whole team and re-rated for a second time.
  3. 20 of those will be selected to enter the final stage of the competition and pitch their idea to the Jury who will then decide on the final winners.

Evaluation criteria:

  1. Originality of idea
  2. Creativity and Imagination
  3. Personal Connection of the applicant to the subject (Why you should make this film)
  4. Emotional & Inspirational
  5. Environmental Impact / Optimism
  6. Production Sustainability
  7. Research / Knowhow / Scientific accuracy / Bibliography / Relevance to current events

What happens next

Once you have pulled your thoughts together under the eight sections you are ready to enter the competition! You can go ahead and enter here.

NB The Aegean Film Festival, a non-profit organisation supporting artists and filmmakers from around the world, will ask for an entry fee of 8 euros as a contribution towards festival costs. This fee is payable per entry, direct to Aegean FF via the competition website.

Click to enter