Student Committee

Round Square Committees are set up within Candidate and Member Schools, are chaired by (and often entirely made up of) students and are central to the pursuit of the Round Square IDEALS within a school. The RS Committee fosters active, democratic, student leadership and engagement, with its primary roles being to develop student voice within the school, and to work out how to inspire, engage and involve the whole student body in embracing the RS IDEALS. The RS Committee creates and leads programmes and activities that facilitate this, with the support of the school faculty and leadership team.

Student Government, and the development of other processes and procedures that allow students a genuine responsibility in the management of the school, are goals in all Round Square schools. As part of a broader holistic teaching approach, these hands-on-opportunities help Students to develop an understanding of the values of democracy and also the importance of active participation in democratic process. Many RS schools use their Committee as a mechanism for creating a number of key student leadership roles, providing multiple opportunities to develop personal responsibility and servant-leadership skills in students.