Educational insights

Chadwick School and The Athenian School: A Dive Into Californian Culture

Athenian and Chadwick organized a one-hour Postcard of California for other Round Square schools. The agenda for the event was the following:Welcome and introduction of leaders
Presentation about Athenian and Chadwick,
California history and culture
Breakout rooms to discuss 1) how your school is similar/different from the California schools and 2) what stereotypes do people have about people from where you live and how has that affected you
Kahoot questionnaire done in breakout rooms about California

Cela fiesta- a melting pot of diverse Literature

In times like these, with uncertainty surrounding our lives, what we truly need is something that brings us together – not by virtue of our nationality, religion or even language. But by virtue of our passions that shape our lives.Literature is where we must seek our objective. Literature is the medicine for distress. It is the channel for the voiceless. It is truly awe – inspiring, the power of art, to move people, to bring people together – like it has in the fiesta.

Video and pen-pal exchanges across continents

In September 2020 Chadwick International school in California, and Renaissance International School Saigon engaged in a cultural collaboration that saw our students exchanging emails, and creating Flipgrid videos that had them speaking about a wide range of age-appropriate topics in order to learn about students from across the globe. These emails and Flipgrid videos allowed our students to explore the diversity in our student body as well as hone their cross-cultural communication skills.

A Postcard from Scotch Oakburn College – Backyard All Aussie Adventures

For our postcard, the students at Scotch Oakburn College shared experiences of how we are all staying active in our backyards, gardens or lounge rooms during lockdown. We invited participants to compare and contrast how students in different parts of the world were keeping active. During the zoom session we shared stories, images and videos. We also discussed ideas in small groups and even got moving. The initiative proved to be a great opportunity to meet young people from around the world and share the variety of our experiences.