Educational insights

Round Square Student Committee Activities during Pandemic 2020

The St Philips Round Square student committee meet every Friday morning and continued to do so through the pandemic. They came together to plan, develop, and promote Round Square, as has historically been the case at the College. The students realised that it was important to continue to connect, although floundering a little to begin with due to the changed learning environment associated with COVID-19. It was recognised that there was a need for the Committee to continue to exercise Leadership to the school community.

Markham Face Shield Collaboration

During the COVID 19 pandemic that put the world into lockdown, Markham College decided to take action in order to make a difference and “be a part of the solution” by offering MINSA (The Ministry of Health) its design expertise to make Face-shields for healthcare workers in Peru. This project was led by Mr. Jeremy Brown and the Design and MakerSpace staff who were allowed in school during the quarantine to complete the project. Students from Early Years to Upper School also assembled face-shields at home.