Educational insights

Art Project: Face portraits at Aubrick School

The face portraits project is a regular activity that is done with our 4-year-olds groups annually as a part of the art and language curriculum. At the same time, it interweaves with the school’s Social & Emotional Learning initiatives that promote well being and self acceptance. During several weeks the children were exposed to different artworks by renowned artists, such as Frida Khalo, Van Gogh and Picasso. Along with getting acquainted with famous artists’ work, they were presented with artwork proposals in order to practice their observation skills and their ability to draw faces.

Round Square Student Committee Activities during Pandemic 2020

The St Philips Round Square student committee meet every Friday morning and continued to do so through the pandemic. They came together to plan, develop, and promote Round Square, as has historically been the case at the College. The students realised that it was important to continue to connect, although floundering a little to begin with due to the changed learning environment associated with COVID-19. It was recognised that there was a need for the Committee to continue to exercise Leadership to the school community.

Implementing collaborative lesson plans at St. George’s Grammar School

Last year St. George’s Grammar School took part in a collaborative project with a number of other Round Square Schools to develop a series of RSDF lesson plans around the International Day of Happiness. As a school St. George’s Grammar wrote a three-part lesson plan entitled ‘Spread the smiles’, to enable students to explore what makes them and others happy by looking at ‘The Five Love Languages’, and to design a campaign for happiness to uplift the spirit of a community.