Educational insights

A Postcard from Stiftung Louisenlund: Anti-Semitism in Modern Germany

Stiftung Louisenlund hosted Round Square postcard for students aged 16-18 on Zoom on Antisemitism in Modern Germany. Over 100 students from 29 schools in 14 countries (Germany, Switzerland, India, South Africa, Kenya, Colombia, the USA, Canada, Oman, Romania, the UK, Peru, Armenia, and Tanzania) joined the call, in which, the student hosts gave a brief history of the Holocaust before delving into modern day examples of antisemitism and opening up the conversation in baraza breakouts with their peers from around the world.

Cadet College Hasan Abdal collaborate on reducing reliance on fossil fuels

Cadet College Hasan Abdal in Pakistan hosted a online Symposium to raise awareness of their immediate surroundings, to spur critical thinking and evolve their minds to envision eco-friendly ways to lead their lives while preserving the environment. The aim was to give students an insight into the present situation of our planet and interacting with peers from different parts of the world helped create a sense of solidarity and environmental responsibility amongst the students.

A Postcard from Scotch Oakburn College – Backyard Aussie Adventures

For our postcard, the students at Scotch Oakburn College shared experiences of how we are all staying active in our backyards, gardens or lounge rooms during lockdown. We invited participants to compare and contrast how students in different parts of the world were keeping active. During the zoom session we shared stories, images and videos. We also discussed ideas in small groups and even got moving. The initiative proved to be a great opportunity to meet young people from around the world and share the variety of our experiences.

Lakefield Adventures Abroad! Preparing our Outgoing “Explorers” for the Exchange Experience

Lakefield College School offers students the opportunity to take part in two types of exchanges, through either the full-term, Grade 10 Exchange Program or the three-week, March Break Language Exchange Program. Our membership in Round Square makes it possible for our Grade 10 students to participate in – typically 6 to 10 weeks – exchanges with students from over two-hundred potential partner schools in more than fifty countries around the world.

Immigration Forum hosted by Nightingale Bamford School

The vision for “The Forum on Immigration to the USA” was to raise awareness about the issue of immigration which German Chancellor Angela Merkel has called “The defining issue of our generation”.It was organized by a Nightingale Bamford Grade 11 (Junior) student, Antonia Brillembourg.It took the form of a Zoom webinar and featured three professors; experts in various aspects of US Immigration history and policy.It lasted 90 minutes and one hundred participants from fifteen RS schools took part. Participants were able to submit questions to the speakers for a response.