Educational insights

International Change Leaders at Calgary French & International School

Inspired by participation in a Round Square Postcard, a group of middle school students at Calgary French & International School have formed a dedicated committee to join and host global discussions. Named ‘International Change Leaders’, the group collaborate with students in other Round Square schools to engage in big discussions around topics like sustainability, green energy, discrimination, racism, genocide and mental health.

A Postcard from Sunbeam School Lahartara – The Music and Mysticism of Banaras

Sunbeam School Lahartara, Varanasi, India got an opportunity to take some of the Round Square members on a journey to unveil the ethos of Banaras. The Round Square Postcard call that was planned for 13-15 age range was a soul stirring experience with an inspiring keynote session, stimulating baraza discussions, meditative musical performances and was a great way to explore the vibrancy and chaotic pleasure of the oldest living city of the world.