Educational insights

International Change Leaders at Calgary French & International School

Inspired by participation in a Round Square Postcard, a group of middle school students at Calgary French & International School have formed a dedicated committee to join and host global discussions. Named ‘International Change Leaders’, the group collaborate with students in other Round Square schools to engage in big discussions around topics like sustainability, green energy, discrimination, racism, genocide and mental health.

A Postcard from Scotch Oakburn College – Backyard Aussie Adventures

For our postcard, the students at Scotch Oakburn College shared experiences of how we are all staying active in our backyards, gardens or lounge rooms during lockdown. We invited participants to compare and contrast how students in different parts of the world were keeping active. During the zoom session we shared stories, images and videos. We also discussed ideas in small groups and even got moving. The initiative proved to be a great opportunity to meet young people from around the world and share the variety of our experiences.

Lakefield Adventures Abroad! Preparing our Outgoing “Explorers” for the Exchange Experience

Lakefield College School offers students the opportunity to take part in two types of exchanges, through either the full-term, Grade 10 Exchange Program or the three-week, March Break Language Exchange Program. Our membership in Round Square makes it possible for our Grade 10 students to participate in – typically 6 to 10 weeks – exchanges with students from over two-hundred potential partner schools in more than fifty countries around the world.

RKK’S Convivial Conclave

The Conclave, hosted by Rajmata Krishna Kumari Girls’ Public School was a purely student-oriented event. The school empowered its student community to plan, organised and execute a variety of activities to share with other schools throughout this collaboration. The Conclave comprised of a variety of interactive sessions for students aged 13 to 16. Students joined inquisitive and passionate discussions on various subjects ranging from Time travel to the Einstein’s Theory of Relativity.

DAIS “3L – Leisure Learning in Lockdown” Collaboration

Amidst the COVID-19 lock-down, the Dhirubhai Ambani International School hosted a student-led collaboration of online activities every week with other schools in the South Asia and Gulf Region. Around 120 students from 14 Round Square schools participated in four weeks of interesting, engaging and productive online sessions. Comprising of art and craft, dance, fitness, singing, and cookery, these activities are created to be as enjoyable and interactive as possible to traverse the boundaries of lock down.