Educational insights

Round Square Student Committee Activities during Pandemic 2020

The St Philips Round Square student committee meet every Friday morning and continued to do so through the pandemic. They came together to plan, develop, and promote Round Square, as has historically been the case at the College. The students realised that it was important to continue to connect, although floundering a little to begin with due to the changed learning environment associated with COVID-19. It was recognised that there was a need for the Committee to continue to exercise Leadership to the school community.

A Postcard from Doon – Adventure Collaboration Call

We were delighted to have the opportunity to host a Round Square Postcard in June 2020, we felt this was a fantastic opportunity for our students to interact with others around the world during the global pandemic.Due to the pandemic, we had to arrange a team quickly and delegate work so we could actually carry out the postcard to the best of our abilities. Once we had the student team together it was rather smooth as we designed the postcard, prepared the scripts and activities of the postcard. We agreed to focus on one of the six Round Square IDEALS and take Adventure as our postcard experience.