Birla Public School (Vidya Niketan)’s “Bliss Yoga” Collaboration

Posted: 21 October 2020






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Birla Public School (Vidya Niketan)

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To help celebrate International Yoga Day on the 21st June, Birla Public School (Vidya Niketan) hosted a virtual yoga class. With social distancing measures adopted by countries to fight the COVID-19 pandemic the 2020 theme for International Yoga Day was “Yoga for Health – Yoga a Home”. Thirty-four Round Square Schools took part working through a series of basic yoga-asanas with the aim to use yoga and mindfulness to improve their focus while developing a lifelong awareness of the importance of their physical and emotional health.


The idea for the collaboration was originally conceived by RS Rep Varsha Ratta as a way to not only mark the international day itself, but to also offer a fun form of exercise and to unite the Round Square network during the COVID lock-down. Yoga is a powerful tool to deal with the stress of uncertainty and isolation, as well as to maintain physical well-being. The World Health Organization mentions yoga as a means to improve health in its Global action plan on physical activity 2018–2030: more active people for a healthier world.

With many schools closed and summer break activities cancelled, parents are finding it challenging to keep their children physically active. UNICEF says students can practice many yoga poses without any risk and get the same benefits that adults do. These benefits include increased flexibility and fitness, mindfulness and relaxation.

It was then discussed with the HOS subsequently a committee for planning and execution was formed. A draft program was made and shared with the school support director and responsibilities were assigned to the Anchors, IT experts, Singers, Yoga instructors.

Once a solid plan was finalised we advertised our idea on the Round Square Collaboration platform and invited the network to participate, this was subsequently advertised in the Round Square Weekly.

We sent emails to all our participants containing directions as to what to do both prior and on the call itself.

We also formulated a plan ‘B’ in the event of any technical glitches!


Prior to the students were provided with a self-descriptive PDF document of the basic yoga-asanas. The participating schools were asked to send a collage of pictures of the students performing the yoga-asanas which will then later published in the school magazine and on our social media pages.

On the 21st June participants joined an online meeting to perform the basic yoga- asanas together. Delegates were welcomed to the session by the school Principal and the Director. They were given a brief introduction and an history of yoga by the Headmaster of Middle Section.

After a warm up the delegates worked through a series of asana poses or positions:

Students closed their practice with a series of Prāṇāyāma controlled breathing exercises.


One of the main challenges in planning for this activity was choosing a technical platform to accommodate around 250 plus participants. Being ready to cope with the technical glitches, which we even had a taste of at the beginning of the program was another challenge.

Another challenge was to convince people about the importance of Yoga during this time of pandemic.


The International Day of Yoga aims to raise awareness worldwide of the many benefits of practising yoga. Yoga embodies unity of mind and body, thought and action and is a holistic approach that is valuable to our health and our well-being. Yoga is not just about exercise; it is a way to discover the sense of oneness with yourself, the world and the nature.

The importance of students making healthier choices and following lifestyle patterns that foster good health. Yoga cultivates the ways of maintaining a balanced attitude in day-to-day life and endows skill in the performance of one’s actions.

Long term

There are many long-term positive benefits to regularly practising yoga, including:

We hope that this activity has inspired some of the students who took part to practice yoga regularly and to lead healthy and more mindful lifestyles.

This collaboration activity helped us to connect with other Round Square schools from around the world in a fun and engaging way and we hope to host something similar to celebrate International Yoga Day in 2021!


Author: Varsha Ratta, RS Rep, Birla Public School (Vidya Niketan)

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