Teaching and Boarding Assistants, Germany

Posted: 04 February 2019

As of September 2019, the Schule Schloss Salem is looking for teaching and boarding assistants at the Salem Campus (grades 5 – 10), especially with the possibility to use foreign languages ​​and / or mathematical and scientific subjects. The position of the teaching and boarding assistants is particularly suitable for teaching students between final teaching qualification or for newcomers to the profession with relevant studies. The positions are normally limited to half a school year, but there is the possibility to extend it.

The responsibilities of the teaching and boarding assistants include:


Outside of school and boarding school, one of the most scenic areas of Germany in the immediate vicinity of Lake Constance awaits you with water and winter sports facilities, cultural and natural attractions and a high quality of life.


Please send applications and inquiries to:

Schule Schloss Salem

Susanne Schilling

Kurt-Hahn-Straße 1

88662 Überlingen

Tel .: +49 (0) 7553 919 535

or by e-mail: susanne.schilling @ schule-schloss-salem.de

You can also apply online via our application form .

  • Closing date: 01/07/2019
  • Country: Germany
  • School: Schule Schloss Salem
  • Region: Europe and the Mediterranean
  • Contact: susanne.schilling@schule-schloss-salem.de
  • Application url: https://www.schule-schloss-salem.de/arbeiten-in-salem/erziehung-lehre/

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