Where in the World

In this activity we are going to plan an imaginary round-the-world trip that will take in four destinations, each one involving a different type of adventure experience. The objective is to identify four activities in four different places around the world that will help you to broaden your horizons. You will need to look for experiences that will take you beyond your comfort zone.

1) through immersing yourself in a culture that is different from your own e.g. by meeting new people, speaking a different language, trying new foods, visiting galleries, museums and monuments, going to a music festival or theatre: exploring and experiencing a place rather than just seeing it.

2) by getting your pulse-racing with a thrilling experience: What could demand your courage? What fear could you face? Perhaps you will try a bungee jump, white water rafting, caving, climbing, or swimming with sharks? Might the journey itself be your thrilling adventure or the mode of transport you take?

3) in venturing into the wilderness and connecting with nature. Will you test the limits of your endurance and develop resilience through taking on a physical challenge such as a trek or a climb? Will you explore some of the world’s natural wonders or escape the ordinary through coming face to face with wildlife in e.g. the jungle, forest, bush, or ocean?

4) by exploring and adventuring in an unfamiliar city, navigating its streets on foot, testing out public transport, going where the locals go, exploring its architecture and learning about its history. This unfamiliar city might not be very far from home? How well do you know your local city? Have you ever explored it like a tourist, visiting the places on other people’s bucket-lists that you pass every day but have never checked out, or taken part in a scavenger hunt?

Two of your destinations will be picked at random and your adventure experience will be shaped by the place. Two of the destinations you will choose yourself based on the experiences you would want to have (one of these might be your home town or city).

Find your Where in the world worksheet and figure out a means of randomly selecting a country. If you have Google Earth you can click the lucky dice icon and it will do this for you. If you’d prefer a low-tech method you could use the map on your Where in the world worksheet and simply close your eyes and drop a pointer or the tip of a pencil on the map.

Once you have randomly selected a destination use a search engine to explore some of the opportunities for adventure that you might find when you get there. What comes up first in the search? Do you think those activities will provide you with opportunities to broaden your horizons? In what ways? Might you have to dig a little deeper? Once you have found an activity for that destination under one of the headings on the worksheet fill in that box, including a note about the way in which you might expect this experience to broaden your horizons under “Why?” Repeat the exercise for a second destination.

Now think of two experiences that you would like to have somewhere in the world – two activities that might already be linked to a place or might be things that you can do in a number of different places. Depending on the activity you might need to do some research as to where in the world you could go for this experience. Once you have your two activities and destinations, fill them in on your worksheet along with a note of “why” you expect these experiences to broaden your horizons.

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