The Spirit of Adventure Challenge

For the Spirit of Adventure Challenge we would like you to determine and describe what adventure means to you – what life beyond your comfort zone might look like.

Your teacher might ask you to choose your own format in which to do this or they might give you a specific format in which to work e.g. you might create a vision board, or a personal mission, vision and goals statement. Alternatively you might write a fictional autobiography imagining you are writing about your life at the age of 70, or you might write a letter to your “future me”.

Your response to the question “What does adventure mean to me?” should include:

1) A reflection on each of the following:

2) Six “bucket list” adventure experiences – one that will allow you to do each of the following:

3) For each item on your bucket list, an explanation of why you have chosen this particular experience, what you hope to learn from it and how you think it will help you to grow.

If you have completed some of the stations 1-6 your notes and worksheets from the different stations might be helpful in completing the challenge, so you may want to gather them together before you begin.