Floods occur due to heavy rainfall in one area within a short period of time causing rivers and streams to overflow. We consider floods to be natural but sometimes an area floods because of human behaviours such as poor land use, rubbish dumping or cutting down trees. Floods are one of the most common natural disasters occurring in many parts of the world every year. The effects of floods include spread of epidemic diseases, soil erosion, destruction of wildlife habitat and forests, damage and destruction to buildings, bridges, roads, sewer pipes, power lines, and agricultural land. Flood affected areas are often faced with an acute shortage of food and drinking water.

The Weather Channel – The Dangers of Flash Flooding

What does flash flooding actually look like? In our new Immersive Mixed Reality (IMR), we place ourselves in the middle of the action and show the immense dangers of this natural disaster.

Manorama Online – Kerala Floods – The Complete Picture

This video tells the story of the floods that happened between August 9 and August 19 2018 in Kerala, India.

Earth Day: A Dutch solution may mitigate flood damage

As climate scientists say powerful storms will be more frequent in the future, damage from hurricanes could be lessened with stormwater management.

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