The choices we make in the music we sing, play, and listen to, broadcasts some of our cultural influences. Music has the power to move us to laughter or tears, to calm, anger and unite us. We turn to music as the accompaniment to our celebrations, and a comfort us in times of sorrow, and to provide encouragement and courage when we need it most: It is the theme-tune to community culture.

Do you listen to your country’s traditional music or music from further afield? Do you consider the traditional styles of music in your country to be a true representation of its culture? Does your country have one traditional style of music that is linked to nationality or are there more styles? Are these styles distinct and separate or are some a fusion of styles from different cultures? In what languages are the songs you mostly listen to written?

Browse the following articles to reflect on some of the connections between music and culture and identity:

Now watch some of the YouTube clips below and consider some of the questions below before adding some notes on music to the “Surface Culture” section of your worksheet:

Stereotypical Music around the World

One Song From Each Country In The World

Music Melody from Instruments of different countries

Pop Music Around The World

Top 10 Memes Inspired By Music

Why Does Music Move Us?

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