National flag

A Nation’s flag is perhaps the most obvious and recognised symbol of a nation. But what do they mean? What is their symbolism and what do they represent? What messages are they seeking to convey about a nation to its people and the wider world?

Use some of the following sources to find out more about your own nation’s flag and the flags of the other nations you have chosen to study. You might want to start by simply searching online for each flag and then try searching on its history and what it symbolises. Try also looking here:

Watch and Learn:

These three short films each discuss 50 national flags:

These films discuss the history of specific national flags and changes over time:

25 national flags and their meanings

Flag changes 1960s

Flag Changes 1990s

Consider these questions:

Capture some thoughts:

Save an image of your nation’s flag (ready for the summary activity at the end of this section) and make some notes about each of the flags you have studied on the Symbols of National Identity worksheet.

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