1st Station – Exploring Language


Make sure you have a quiet space to work, a Dictionary (printed book or online), pen and paper and access to the Discovering a Spirit of Leadership resource sheet either in hard copy or online.

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When we talk about Leadership, and what it takes to be a leader we often use nouns like “qualities” and “attributes”. When we discuss the outcomes of positive leadership we might use adjectives like “successful”, “courageous” and “compassionate”.

But what exactly do we mean, and do we all understand these terms in the same way?

Take a look at the terms below and consider what they might mean to you?

Now look up a formal definition for each, using a dictionary (printed or online). If you have internet access try searching them and have a look at the different contexts in which they are used. Think about the different ways in which they are open to interpretation and discuss them with those around you to find out how they define the meaning of each. If you are working in an online group discuss them with your classmates.

Now write your own definition for each in your own words.

Next, take a look at the way in which Round Square defines the qualities and attributes of positive Leadership using the 12 Round Square Discoveries on your Discovering a Spirit of Leadership resource sheet.

Circle any words or terms that you want to look up and use your dictionary or online sources to do this.

Now ask yourself these questions: Do these discoveries together make up a complete definition of what it means to have a Spirit of Leadership? Which of these do you consider to be the most important? Which are the least? Who do you know in your friendship group, at your school, amongst your family and friends or out there in the wider world that exemplifies each of these Discoveries? Are they all in positions of leadership or can leadership qualities be enacted at all levels? Note down some of your thoughts.

If you could add a Discovery to the list what would it be and how would you define it?

Write your own Discovery along with a definition and give it an icon.

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