2nd Station – Exploring Attributes


Gather together a copy of the “This type of leader” resource sheet (printed or online) and a pen and paper. If you are working on a printed resource sheet you will also need three different colours of pen or highlighter. If you completed the 1st station you may also want to refer back to your definition notes from that activity.


Take a look at the “This type of leader” resource sheet.

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Read through each of the statements made about leadership and think about the types of qualities and attributes that you would expect to find in a SUCCESSFUL leader.

Choose just five statements on the sheet that you feel are most closely associated with successful leadership. Note them down or circle them in one colour with a pen or highlighter.

Now repeat the exercise in a different colour for the top five qualities you would expect to find in a COURAGEOUS leader (some of your choices might be the same and some might be different).

Now repeat the exercise in a third colour for a COMPASSIONATE leader.

Reflect on your choices and answer the following questions (If you are working in an online group discuss your choices with your classmates):

Now consider:

Does it matter who or what a leader is leading? Would you choose the same statements for a successful political leader as you would for a successful business leader, humanitarian leader, community leader, military leader or thought leader? Identify on your sheet one statement that might be more appropriate to each of these than to the others.

Does the context matter? Do we need the same approach from our leaders at times of peace and prosperity as we do in the face of adversity such as economic downturn, civil unrest, natural disaster or health crisis?

Use the resource sheet to identify statements that help to describe the leadership model that you would want to follow in times of crisis or adversity and combine them with your own thoughts to complete this statement:  

In times of adversity our world needs leaders who…

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