RS IDEALS Challenge – A Spirit of Service

In what ways can communities pull together in times of adversity?

This challenge asks you to consider the role that mutual support, compassion and kindness play in building and maintaining our communities, both large and small. What impact can positive, respectful and meaningful community action have in times of adversity, and what lessons can we carry forward into lasting behaviours for everyday life?

In this section, we consider the challenges faced by our communities in times of local, national and international adversity, and the ways in which we can make a difference by promoting positive community action. There are six task stations on the journey to the ultimate challenge. You might visit some or all of those stations according to the instructions you have been given by your teacher.

The ultimate challenge asks you to consider and research ways in which you can participate in, or instigate, collective community action that contributes to tacking some of our most significant global problems, before creating a plan for turning your ideas into a reality.

The Spirit of Service Challenge:

For the Spirit of Service Challenge we would like you to consider ways in which you can work together with other members of the communities that you are part of to support one another through difficult times. This might take the form of an idea that you initiate (either individually or as a class) or identifying existing support networks that need volunteers. Create a campaign plan for your ideas according to the brief provided and to the format specified by your teacher e.g. you might be asked to produce an illustrated infographic, a 5 slide presentation, or a written plan or another format.

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