The Spirit of Service Challenge

The ultimate challenge asks you to consider ways in which your own communities can work together to help each other through difficult times and create a campaign plan for your ideas.

You might be invited by your teacher to choose your own format in which to do this or they might give you a specific format in which to work (e.g. a infographic, poster, video, presentation, speech).

The basic steps in undertaking the challenge are:

Set your context: Do your research and find out what needs there are in your community and which of these are currently being met. Are there any gaps? Is there anything that is needed but not yet being provided? Are there any communities local to you that are being left out? Listen to the local chatter in online groups, read local newspaper articles, discuss this with your family, friends,

Next find out what is already being done. Where needs are being addressed are there ways in which you can support the efforts of those already working on the problem – are there opportunities to get involved and help? e.g. are there campaigns or community groups that need more volunteers? Could you find ways of helping to enlist these volunteers?

Then figure out the wider context. Is the need you have identified a purely local need or is it part of a wider issue? If this need is being addressed in other areas is there anything you can learn from the way in which others are addressing it? What is the root cause of the need? Can you get at the cause as well as the symptoms? How are other communities around the world working together in difficult times?

Now think about the action you might take. Your idea might take the form of Direct Service (e.g. active volunteering), Indirect Service (e.g. in your buying choices or use of resources), Advocacy (campaigning in support of a cause or call to action) or Original Research (carrying out research that will help others to address a need). What difference will it make both to the community and to you as an individual? What will you give and what will you gain? Is it something that you will enjoy doing? Will you want to sustain it?

Now create your plan according to the instructions on format from your teacher e.g. you might be asked to produce an illustrated infographic (see examples in the links below), a 5 slide presentation, or a written plan or another format. Consider: