Teachers Notes


Each Challenge poses a “Big Question” which is accompanied by activities and reflective exercises designed for students to do at home and without the need for constant teacher intervention. They are intended for use as supplementary activities outside teacher-led curriculum time. However should you wish to draw on the content and build it into lessons or structure lessons around the challenge, building on its content, either of these approaches is of course completely fine as well.

The challenges have been designed with a broad age-range in mind (13-18) and are structured to enable students to access the challenges at the level suited to them producing a challenge output appropriate to their age and ability.

Included in the activities around each of the IDEALS challenges is an opportunity for students to share something with their peers across the RS global community via social media with a hashtag or posting to the RS website. Please direct your students as to whether or how you want them to participate in this according to your school policy.

Each of the six Challenges ends with a small project, that asks students to produce a piece of written work, a short film, poster, or other creative project, and students in Round Square schools that complete and submit evidence of their final project output for all six challenges to Round Square via their school (and with your permission) will receive a “2020 Round Square Challenge” completion certificate once they have completed all six challenges.

The challenges will remain online so you can use them at any time you like and any duration.

Please read the full teacher notes for each before setting the challenge to your students:

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