RSIC Case Studies

The Round Square International Conference (RSIC) is arguably the highlight of the Round Square year.

Over six days in September/ October delegations of two adults and up to five or six students aged 16 to 19 from Round Square schools in more than 40 countries converge on one, two or three member school(s) who host the conference on Round Square’s behalf. 

Round Square conferences bring together students and adults, whose separate tailored personal/ professional development workshops combine with a shared programme of guest speakers, group discussions, cultural visits, community service and adventure activities.

As is traditional in Round Square, the RSIC is organised by a committee of students under the guidance of adults from their school and the Round Square Worldwide Management Team. The students select a theme, design a logo, contribute the majority of the ideas for the conference and form the committee that works on the conference whilst it is in session.

Every RSIC draws out themes from the Round Square IDEALS , bringing them to life for the 1000+ delegates that attend. Each year delegates return to their own schools with a vast set of new experiences, a new level of understanding, increased motivation and new ideas that have a profoundly positive impact on their world outlook. Over the past few years Conferences have been held in England, Florida, India, Jordan and Singapore.


Case Studies