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October 2014



“Al Salamu Alaikum” or “Peace Be With You”





The 2014 Round Square International Conference was hosted by King’s Academy in Jordan. The theme “Al Salamu Alaikum” or “Peace Be With You” allowed students not only to understand more about the Middle East, but also to talk with their peers about complicated issues such as land disputes, extremism, refugee pressure, and lack of water and other natural resources. “The fact that this conference was situated in Jordan, surrounded by many major, ongoing conflicts…provided a sense of urgency, an overwhelming feeling of responsibility that you can’t just simply push away.” Describes Jeffrey, student from Deerfield Academy, Massachusetts. The conference speakers were confronting and inspirational giving delegates substance the further discussions in Barraza groups throughout the conference. Over 500 delegates from around the world have taken away a greater insight into cultural, social and political issues that surround the world today, with many new friendships were forged along the way.

23 year old Shabana Basij-Rasikh spoke passionately about her experiences of growing up in Afghanistan and how she has now founded a boarding school for Afghani girls. “The work that Shabana has done has inspired all of us,” explains Jessica and Sabrina from Lower Canada College, Montréal “her selflessness and motivation to give Afghanistan girls an education is incredible. We plan to continue her efforts to raise awareness and funds for SOLA and motivate the LCC students to get involved.”

The work that Shabana has done has inspired all of us

Jessica and Sabrina from Lower Canada College

During their stay, students were able to explore the ancient Greco-Roman city of Jerash and the ancient city of Petra and were able to swim in the Dead Sea “An incredible and unforgettable day” describes Mr Bary from Cate School in California. Students participated in service projects and helped to plant trees. “We were told along the way we'd be painting a home for a small family.” Reflects Nate also from Cate School in California “We took shifts applying coats of paint in the boiling sun, and we were rewarded with a job well done and with some Jordanian tea with the family. When we were finished, the father of the house expressed his thanks and wanted us to tell others at our schools and countries that Jordanian people and Arab people as a whole are hospitable and welcoming, so I'm sharing his words with you. It was certainly true in his case.” Local culture was celebrated with an International dinner and cultural evening and special flag ceremonies at the beginning and end of the conference.


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