RSIC 2016

In 2016, Round Square’s 50th Anniversary year, the two confirmed host schools, Stiftung Louisenlund and Aiglon College, will run almost simultaneous programmes, staggered by one day. Planning is well underway with the theme already agreed and excellent plans for the programme, activities and adventures are already coming together.

In addition to the RSIC, our Anniversary year has prompted us to take a look at conference provision across the Round Square network. To widen access, to experiment and innovate, and to celebrate the milestone that is our 50th year, we have three further school-hosted conferences to showcase and open to all Round Square member schools worldwide in 2016.


Aiglon, Switzerland: 9th - 14th October 2016

Stiftung Louisenlund, Gemrnay: 10th - 16th October 2016