Becoming a Candidate for Round Square Membership

What are the benefits of joining the RS community?

The benefits of joining Round Square are felt by the students, school faculty, leadership team, parents and the wider school community. Together our schools create and access practical opportunities and approaches that internationalise the curriculum, take students beyond the classroom, and release their potential. Teachers access professional development and collaborative opportunities that encourage creativity. When RS themes are integrated into the philosophy and programmes of the school, the education of all students is transformed.

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Penryn College

What is expected of a Round Square School?

Round Square welcomes schools from around the world that share a similar ethos and values and are committed to the advancement of education, in accordance with our philosophy and principles. Together our Schools aim to inspire and draw out every child’s capacity for self-discovery, personal development, achievement and excellence, with an approach that is practical, cross-cultural and collaborative. Throughout the initial enquiry and application process we work with potential candidates to determine whether this is likely to be the right step for their school.

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How does the application process work?

Initially we ask you to complete an enquiry form online (accessible via the link below) and to begin a dialogue with your local RS Schools’ Support Director. Once you are ready to make an application we will ask you to complete a process that examines how you currently approach the Round Square philosophy and IDEALS in your school. Perhaps more importantly, we want to understand how you intend to develop the RS IDEALS in your school over the period of your Candidacy (up to 2 years) in preparation for a Membership application.

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Make an enquiry

If you would like to know more about Candidacy for Round Square Membership or would like to move forward with an application, please complete our enquiry form using the link below and we will soon be in touch.

We will use the contact information you provide to respond to your enquiry. For more information on how we store and use your information, please read our Privacy Policy.

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