Member School Rights and Benefits


The benefits of Round Square membership are shared by the students, school faculty and leadership within those schools. Through Round Square opportunities, students’ lives are enriched and staff professional development is fostered, and when the tenets of Round Square are fully integrated into the philosophy and programs of the school, the education of all students is transformed.

As a member school you will;

  • gain access to our global network of like-minded, high calibre schools;
  • gain access to our custom designed collaborative, best practice intranet site and resource library;
  • have the right to be publicly identified as a Member;
  • have the right to be a voting member of the organisation, and the right to vote, in accordance with the applicable Regional Charter, to elect a Regional Trustee to represent your region on the Round Square Board;
  • gain access to Round Square advice, guidance, communication media and resources;
  • participate in and host activities including conferences on a local, regional and international level.
  • have the opportunity for collaboration with other Members, including in relation to: student and staff exchanges; curriculum; staff development; best practice sharing; alumni engagement; and service projects.