School Leadership

The benefits of Round Square membership to the Head, Governors and the School as a whole:

  • Round Square membership provides a network of high caliber schools that forms a global family among diverse but like-minded institutions;
  • The Head develops valuable professional collegiate relationships with Heads from around the world;
  • The Head can contribute professionally to Round Square and participate in extensive professional development on a global scale;
  • A school’s reputation is enhanced through membership in Round Square and the IDEALS help to define the values system or ethos of the school;
  • The research, extensive planning and implementation of international service projects overseen by Round Square, ensures the highest safety and risk assessment standards are applied;
  • Safety and cost effectiveness are paramount to Round Square exchanges; students continue to pay tuition to their home school and pay only for their travel and miscellaneous expenses at their exchange school;
  • Round Square activities provide extensive opportunities for articles and news features; and
  • Interest in Admissions is increased because of membership in Round Square.


Being a Round Square school means that we are connected to a network of schools around the world with similar educational visions, helping us to broaden the scope of our reach around the world as we promote the IDEALS that will help us steer this world toward sustainability.

Green School, Bali