The benefit of Round Square membership to students:

  • are exposed to different cultures and viewpoints through Round Square student exchanges;
  • engage in international service projects with students from around the world working toward common goals, and are immersed in a culture different from home;
  • have the opportunity to participate in regional and global conferences that foster friendship, dialogue, servant leadership and cultural understanding;
  • benefit from a holistic education experience in which the IDEALS of Round Square are embedded;
  • develop life-long friendships around the globe that positively impact their adult lives;
  • develop understanding between themselves and others by listening to one another’s ideas and sharing their own through a mutually respectful exchange;
  • make continuous enquiries in pursuit of truth. They explore the world around them and seek out their place within it;
  • learn to value the strength and solidarity of an inclusive society that embraces all individuals;
  • discover the ability and confidence to think clearly and creatively to tackle a problem in a focused way and find the best possible solution(s) in the circumstances;
  • discover in themselves a sense of personal, moral, ethical, social and civic duty;
  • make a commitment to manage their use and application of the earth’s resources to live within its means for the benefit of future generations;
  • discover in themselves the ability to persevere when confronted with challenge, and learn from their mistakes, with a readiness to try again;
  • discover in themselves the ability and willingness to confront fear, pain, danger, uncertainty, or intimidation;
  • cultivate their understanding of themselves, their personality, values, attitudes, strengths and weaknesses, through personal discovery;
  • discover the benefits of working together in a group with others in pursuit of a common goal;
  • develop new ideas and demonstrate divergent thinking, creativity, imagination and innovation; and
  • discover in themselves a desire and capacity to feel and share another’s emotions, perspective and opinions.