The application process

We are delighted that you are interested in becoming a Round Square Member School and the opportunities that becoming a member will present to your school community.


Website Enquiry

To register interest in applying to become a Round Square Candidate School or for more information on membership, please complete a Membership enquiry form on our website.

Our Membership Manager will then contact you with more information on what is involved in becoming a candidate school, and the commitments and responsibilities involved in the school’s Round Square journey.



You will be sent information to guide you in preparing your school for application. In the first instance you will need to look at  your school’s approach to the six Round Square pillars, or IDEALS, and the school plans to develop and integrate its offering in these six areas. Round Square has a support team in place who can help guide you through this process.

You will then be ready to complete your application for membership.Once a completed application form is submitted, and has been reviewed, the next step is usually a telephone call between the Round Square Regional Trustee or another nominated Head, often from the closest current member school to yours, to discuss the application and highlight any areas that require more work.

A follow-up visit by Round Square to the school follows this conversation, and the resulting written report accompanies the application form when it is passed to the Regional membership meeting for review and a decision.

Following a successful application process you will join Round Square as a Candidate School.


Candidate School

Schools join Round Square as Candidate Schools, Candidate status is limited to a maximum of two years, but there is no minimum, so a school that is ready to fully engage can progress rapidly through from Candidate to Member just in a few months.

Of course, we understand that Round Square Membership is not right for every school; nor is every school necessarily right for Round Square. We hope that the process of application, and then Candidacy, will help both you and Round Square determine whether there is synergy for both organisations. We certainly hope this will be the case.

As a Candidate School you can access taster regional and international conference and service project opportunities, can benefit from good practice sharing on the web site, and can engage with the RS Community at a regional level whilst that preparation takes place. In this way we feel that the Round Square community will be better able to support a school in its development towards membership without requiring a fully-formed approach to Round Square within the school from day one.

As a Candidate School you will have access to a mentor together with support from a designated Regional Support Manager who will help guide your application and advice on how to implement the Round Square philosophy and IDEALS in your school.

When you feel that you are ready to apply for full Membership you will be asked to complete an application form.