Daly College hosts a hugely successful Round Square Conference for students aged 11 to 13

By Rajbir (Bubbles) Sandhu on 13/01/2016

Last week Daly College in Indore, India hosted the first in a series of conferences to mark Round Square’s 50th Anniversary in 2016. A total of 315 delegates took part including 112 from overseas schools outside India.

Four conferences will this year be opened to students from all Round Square schools throughout the global network. Between them, catering for all ages from 11 to 18 and spanning four continents, the conferences are being offered as part of a strategy to expand Round Square’s conference provision to a wider age range than traditionally has been the case.

Trailblazing this initiative, Daly College’s conference was a tremendous success, offering a blend of learning, collaboration and fun. It offered the young student delegates age-appropriate opportunities to learn, participate, collaborate and grow.

The conference was largely run by students of the same age group as that of  student delegates. Feedback from participants confirmed that the three keynote speakers Capt. Navin Gulia, Dyu D’cunha, and Ribhu Vohra were inspirational interesting, engaging and interactive. They struck an instant chord with the delegates, who literally bombarded them with questions. The topics ranged from being motivational, collaborative and creating environmental awareness and sensitivity.

The Barazzas were student led with some wonderful animated discussions and sharing of ideas. The delegates were articulate, sincere, candid and enthusiastic, which shows the great impact the keynote speakers had on their young minds.  Early morning sessions of yoga and bird watching kept the students happy and very involved. The opening ceremony had very impressive dance performances particularly one by students of a local school for deaf and dumb children. Two Adult Riikas by Rod Fraser, Chairman, RS on Round Square and the Discovery Framework provided useful information, particularly for the new teachers.

Ten brilliant Visual and Performing Art Workshops on Dance, Madhubani Paintings, Terracota Warli, Puppet Making, Tie and Dye and Block Printing on Fabric, Paper Mache masks, Wooden Owl Painting gave students an opportunity to unleash their creativity. There was also an active interaction with underprivileged children for whom each delegate has carried a small gift hamper. A Cultural Expedition to Mandu gave the students an insight into its rich history and engaged them in creative activities related to it.  The Indian Carnival on the last day was a stupendous success – what with sale of local handicrafts, amazing dance performances, local cuisine, gift hampers etc.  The colourful closing ceremony saw many a young delegate in tears who was sad to leave behind new friends and this wonderful conference.

All delegates appreciated the excellent hospitality they received during their stay at Daly College. For the students, the conference was a journey of self-discovery, developing awareness of their own inner strengths and also of their responsibilities in the world both on a local and a global level.

Congratulations to Daly College for their excellent hosting of this landmark conference.

The first of four special conferences celebrating our 50th Anniversary

Posted by Round Square on Thursday, 7 January 2016