Dainfern College awards King Constantine Medal to Joshua Gobalsamy

Posted: 14 October 2020

Dainfern College was proud to award this year’s King Constantine medal to Joshua Gobalsamy, a Matric student who has developed into a fine young adult, and who demonstrates so many of our Dainfern College values and Discovery character traits.

Joshua has an inquisitive mind and an amazing ability to solve problems and find the most effective way to do something. He has shown immense personal growth throughout the journey at Dainfern College, utilising all the opportunities offered by the school, the Leadership Programme and Round Square. This student’s contribution to the Outreach programme and the Leadership Programme have been instrumental in developing lifelong skills that will be of great value after leaving Dainfern College.

Joshua performed a pivotal role in representing Dainfern College as a Baraza leader for the regional Africa Round Square Conference for 12-14 year olds hosted in 2019, and embraced the Student Exchange programme, hosting an exchange student as well as going on exchange to spend six weeks in Germany. In 2019, this student represented Dainfern College with pride and integrity at the International Round Square Conference in India.

High School Head of Round Square Mrs Sonia Claassen couldn’t contain how proud she was. “Joshua has shown fortitude, accountability and respect in everything that has been undertaken and has not hesitated to step out of the usual comfort zone. The sense of accountability, quiet compassion and the respect always shown to others make Joshua a most deserving recipient of this award and one of whom we are all incredibly proud.”

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