Online RS IDEALS 6-part Challenge available!

Posted: 19 March 2020

With all of the extreme challenges that the current crisis poses, we understand that most of you are focusing on domestic needs at present and international programming is perhaps not high on the list. But for those of you that are now turning some attention to how you maintain a global focus for students without travel and keep them connected to the RS IDEALS, we are putting together a programme around a series of challenges, one for each of the RS IDEALS, designed for independent working but also capable of being built into taught/ e-learning content.

Starting on Monday, over the next few weeks we will be posing an online challenge for students each week (to be used any time you like) themed on one of the six RS IDEALS. The challenges will be posted on the RS web site. Each will pose a “Big Question” and will be accompanied by associated activities, links to online research sources, recommended TedTalks and reflective questions. Each challenge is being designed as stand-alone for independent learning with the intention that these are supplementary activities that can be used outside teacher-led curriculum time. Should you wish to draw on the content and build it into lessons this is of course completely fine as well but our intention is that this will not be necessary.

The challenges have been designed for Middle Years and Secondary Years and are structured in a way that enables students to access the challenges at the level suited to them producing a challenge output appropriate to their age and ability.

Wrapped into the activities around each of the IDEALS challenges will be fun ways of connecting via Instagram with other students in the RS community across the world and through segments with a wellness and wellbeing focus.

As the ultimate end-game of each challenge students will be asked to take on a Big Question and compile and share their response to that question through completing the task set at the end, which could be in written, presented, filmed, or other creative form. Students that complete and submit all six challenges to Round Square via their school (and with your permission) will receive a “2020 Round Square Challenge” completion certificate at the end, whenever that may be.

The home page for the Challenge can be found here. There is no content as yet but the Leadership Module will be uploaded on Friday for those of you that want to get your students started next week.

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