Middle School ICT Teacher and Tech Integration Coach, China

By Mindy Wu on 22/11/2017

Primary Functions:

  • Teach according to the class schedule developed by the Dean of Secondary Academic Affairs
  • Contribute to the pastoral care programme, whether living off or on campus
  • Support the co-curricular programme
  • Serve as a tutor to a group of students if required.


Academics An FTE teacher will teach a work load to be determined by the needs of the School but typically 16 -18 hours of instruction per week.  Teachers who support the residential programme will have an adjusted workloads. The teacher shall be responsible for the full delivery of the Academic Affairs in their subject area and, under the supervision of Subject Department Head and the Director of Curriculum, complete all administrative and teaching duties to ensure student advancement within the School’s sequence of study.  Teachers will also be expected to pursue professional development opportunities, with the support of the School, to improve and perfect their craft.  


Afternoon Activity: An FTE teacher will supervise and/or lead a co-curricular activity during the activity time.  Working under the supervision of the Director of Co-curricular Activities a teacher who lives on campus and is a full-time dorm parent will typically be asked to participate in 2 co-curricular activity periods.  A Teacher who lives off campus or lives on campus but is not a full-time dorm parent will typically be asked to participate in 4 co-curricular activity periods.


Pastoral: An FTE teacher will be expected to advise a group of students during the school year.  The tutor will meet with the students on a regular basis and will lead pastoral program with them.  The tutor will also work to individually support the needs and interests of the students.  Finally, the tutor will communicate with parents on a regular basis and will act as a main conduit of communication between the School and the family. 


Stipend positions of responsibility: appointment to a stipended position of responsibility may involve modifications to the above duties and reporting line. Such modifications will be summarized in a supplemental document.



1.  Bachelor's degree in related field required, advanced degree(s) preferred;

  1. 3+ years’ experience from an accredited School;
  2. Experience working in an International School and/or setting a plus;
  3. Experience supervising an afternoon activity. Athletic Coaching or personal sport interest preferred;
  4. Experience participating in pastoral program;
  5. Good communication skills (spoken and written). Training in student support preferred;
  6. Valid teaching certification is mandatory;
  7. Teaching Degree strongly preferred;
  8. Experience with second language learners preferred;
  9. Bi-lingual ability (English and Mandarin Chinese) preferred but not required;
  10. Educators who show a devotion to their subject matter but also have a genuine interest in working with young men and women;
  11. Educators with excellent communication skills, who show initiative and who can easily adapt to change.

Successful applicants will bring enthusiasm and creativity to this role, teaching classes of 20-25 students on a full-time basis, and must be flexible and open to learning about new cultures.


Applicant please forward resume to joinus@ykpaoschool.cn .  Please indicate the position applied for.

Name of School: YK Pao School

Country: China

Contact: mindy.wu@ykpaoschool.cn

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