Primary School English Teacher, China

By Mindy Wu on 10/11/2017

Job Scope:

Provide good quality learning to students, make sure students achieve the year-based subject learning outcome in a fun and passionate way

Key Responsibilities:

1. Teaching and Learning

  • Plan, teach and evaluate classes as designated by subject coordinators;
  • Set up reasonable proximal goals for students based on curriculum requirements;
  • Differentiate learning to cater for different needs;
  • Support those who need remediate help;
  • Make sure students are engaged, challenged from their learning time;
  • Communicate proactively internally and externally with colleagues and parents on students’ learning situation.

2. Effective Teaching Strategies

  • Have a thorough understanding and knowledge of YKPS Subject-based Curriculum;
  • Ensure that teaching and learning is aligned with the school’s current Scope and Sequence documents;
  • Establish a classroom environment where students feel safe and comfortable to take risks;
  • Ensure that classroom/school resources are well prepared and managed;
  • Standards and execute code of YK Pao School acceptable behavior are clearly set up and consistently and fairly trained;
  • Ensure that all students are treated equitably with respect and fairness.
  • Teaching students in accordance with their aptitude, vary with each individual with diversity teaching
  • Anyone of YK Pao School teachers is our language teacher\pastoral care communicator

3. Connections with Students

  • Interact with students equally to know each student in a better way;
  • Acknowledge children’s improvement and effort rather than just result or achievement;
  • Establish a rapport which enhances learning;
  • Provide good pastoral care to all students and build up trustful and healthy relationship between students and teachers.

4. Relationship management

  • To work co-operatively and supportively with other staff;
  • To share information, ideas and resources with related colleagues \ line managers who teach the same cohort of students;
  • To build up trustful, respectful healthy working relationship with parents in order to co-educate students.

5. Administrative Function

  • Fulfill the administrative functions of the class e.g. attendance, Homework Diary checking;
  • Ensure assessment data is shared and archived;
  • Communicate with parent/caregivers regarding student learning situation timely.

6. Contribution to non-classroom life of the school

  • Organize related activities for students to ensure the quality of their learning;
  • Support the school’s image in the wider community;
  • Support education and teaching policies and procedures currently in place.

Job requirements:


  • Bachelor’s degree or above
  • Major in related subject or in education


  • 2+ years teaching experience in full-time school
  • Oversea teaching experience is preferred
  • Bilingual \ Bicultural teaching experience is preferred

Certificates Teaching qualification


  • Good commands in English / English as mother tongue (for international staff)
  • Good communication skills
  • Good Team player

Name of School: YK Pao School

Country: China


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