Radford College send a RS postcard from Australia

Posted: 23 November 2020

A big thank you to our student hosts and Baraza leaders Isabel, Rachael, Caitlin, Ankith, Josh, Laiya, Eliza, Kamae, Sophie, Jude, Nadia, Sarah, Audrey, Chloe, Gigi, Keren, Disha and Juliet… and of course to RS Rep Kath Notley and teacher Mr Montesin, who co-ordinated and supported their students for the Round Square Zoom Postcard from Radford College taking us on a “Dive deep into Canberra’s culture” and exploring the theme of Adventure.

The call brought together more than 100 participants, connecting students and teachers from 14 RS schools in Australia, Germany, India, Rwanda, the USA, South Africa and China. Students were asked to bring along to the call a souvenir or memento of their biggest or most recent adventure to use for a show-and-tell about their adventure experience. They split into eight baraza breakouts for three separate sessions, first to introduce themselves, next to share their show-and-tell items, and finally to talk about adventure and creativity.

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