Ballarat Grammar School send a RS postcard from Australia

Posted: 03 September 2020

Thank you to year 10 student hosts Keylah, Bryce, Georgiana, Kate and Claudia, from Ballarat Grammar School, and their RS Rep, Tim Adams who hosted a fantastic RS Zoom Postcard today on Life Learning in Lockdown for students from 10 schools across the RS network.

In advance of the call participants shared photos and images that represented the new skills they have acquired and lessons learned during lockdown. On the call our hosts invited each participant to talk about their contributions and tell the story behind the experience. Examples shared included rediscovering a passion for cookery, perfecting artistic talents, practicing gymnastics and yoga, learning the basics of driving and passing time with fun activities like watching TV box sets and solving the rubics cube.

After discussing the images sent in, the call split into five baraza breakout rooms to continue the conversation. After the breakouts, participants shared deeper perspectives on the ways in which the lockdown has changed how we view the world and how, with a positive attitude, we can learn to appreciate the small things and celebrate having the time to pursue new activities.

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