Assam Valley School

Assam Valley School

Founded in 1995 by The Williamson Magor Education Trust and spread over 95 sylvan hectares, the Assam Valley School (AVS) is the only exclusive co-educational boarding school in the North East of India. The school caters for both boys and girls from primary through secondary school, from the state of Assam and beyond.


The Assam Valley School shares the beliefs of Kurt Hahn and believes in the importance of offering life experience for young people. The school embraces the importance of service to others, adventure and leadership training, responsibility and international understanding in its day-to-day operations, thereby, letting students discover the world and make a difference.

The school generates opportunities for pupils to demonstrate and experience courage, generosity, imagination, leadership, soft skills, creativity and international understanding. The pupils through hands on approach become aware and get prepared for life.

What being a RS school means to us

The Assam Valley School believes: ‘Education should be the biggest and best adventure in child’s life.’ Educational approach is based on the belief that the most fundamental value of a liberal education is that it makes life interesting

  • Meeting new people and exchanging ideas
  • Experimenting with new ideas
  • Sharing Best Practices
  • Collaboration with other schools
  • Non Competitive Environment
  • Helping the needy
  • Being sensitive

Where to find us

Sonitpur, Assam, India
Assam Valley School