Cobham Hall

Cobham Hall

Cobham Hall is an independent day and boarding school for girls in Cobham, Kent. The school is housed in a Tudor era manor, which is now Grade I listed. 


Round Square is giant swings and zip wires, planting trees, standing for House Captain and being elected by your peers, a student population from over twenty different countries and helping others, starting with your friends and classmates and ending with the world. The IDEALS are part of every aspect of school life, in the classroom, in boarding, on trips and at weekends. They touch and influence every girl’s experience of learning and the school. At Cobham Hall, the IDEALS bring the motto, “There is more in you than you think”, to life, giving girls the chance to experience extraordinary things and become extraordinary in the process.

What being a RS school means to us

At Cobham Hall, Round Square is the idea that challenging yourself will lead to discovering who you really are and who you could be; that all learning is connected and that every experience is a lesson. The Round Square philosophy is central to Cobham Hall’s identity and morality which aim to produce girls who are thoughtful, kind and well-rounded; girls who will go out into the world and make a difference.

Watch this video to find out more about what being a Round Square School means to Cobham Hall.

Where to find us

Cobham, DA12 3BL, United Kingdom
Cobham Hall